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Временное изображение 17.05.2017
A journalist at fashion week

Last Wednesday Irina Karimova, editor-in-chief of the web portal FashionEducation.ru, director of a fashion journalism school and winner of the national fashion award “Golden Spindle 2014” in the category “Journalist, editor and publisher”, visited IGUMO and conducted a workshop for future fashion journalists.

Временное изображение 26.04.2017
1600+ of Attendance at DOCA

This institute is keen on creating hands-on opportunities for the students, and some have already become traditional. Say, the recent DOCA, held for the fifth time. It’s hosted by the IGUMO at the last weekend of April.

Временное изображение 03.03.2017
Madame Pergler in IGUMO

On the 1st of March Tatiana Pergler, Director of The First Slavic Gymnasium in Prague, visited IGUMO. The main purposes of her visit were strengthening of cultural ties and development of educational projects within the framework of the cooperation agreement, signed in 2015.

Временное изображение 06.12.2016
Sukhdev Singh’s Lecture

On November 25, students of the Faculty of Linguistics listened to a special guest. Sukhdev Singh, professor of applied linguistics from Guru Nanak Dev University in India, visited IGUMO to give a lecture on structural functional approach to language learning.

Временное изображение 24.11.2016
Computer Font versus Calligraphy

There are numerous computer programs. Modern designers should know how to operate them. However, masters able to create projects with their own hands without using technologies are of no less importance. That’s why now calligraphy is one of the most popular branches of art.

Временное изображение 24.11.2016
Around The World In 80 Minutes

On 10 November 2016 students of IGUMO faculty of linguistics prepared an entertaining tour across English-speaking countries.

Временное изображение 08.11.2016
Internship at Czech Republic: sharing experience

The 4-year students of the Faculty of Linguistics, Nikolay Boykov, Nikolay Gavrilov and Sevil Daminova, who had an internship at Czech Republic and who finished it last week, shared their experience with other students on the consulting hour with the Dean of the Faculty.

Временное изображение 02.11.2016
Business women discussed projects at the Federation Council meeting

Students of the IGUMO stepped in the Federation Council halls once more to witness the businesswomen from all parts of Russia discuss pressing issues of the Russian business. Valentina Matvienko and her deputy, Galina Karelova, chaired the meeting.

Временное изображение 27.10.2016
The Day of Health

It’s no secret that our Institute is always full of exciting events and projects. This time, on the 22nd of October, we had a Health Day outdoors! Even the rector admitted it hadn’t been quite easy for her to wake up on Saturday morning after a working week, but there was nothing left to sleep on the central square of Izmailovsky park, sunlit and full of music. The event gathered lots of students, professors of the Institute and even some bystanders.

Временное изображение 21.10.2016
Global Talents Diverse Update

Global Talents is an IGUMO project that helps gifted children from all over Russia to express themselves and show their talents to the whole country. Now the time has come to renew that wonderful resource! On the 18th October Global Talents’ steering committee met to discuss and develop the project. And all of you can already see the results. Now the site navigation is easier. We added the buttons linking the site with its official VK and Facebook groups. You can also post your blogs and news from your Global Talents page directly to social networks. Also the design is going to change soon and you’ll see how it will play out in fresh colours. Stay tuned!

Временное изображение 21.10.2016
My hands on experience of what really matters

Let me introduce myself. I am Ksenia Panteleyeva, a student of the 4th year, Faculty of Linguistics, and I’ve picked up some hands-on experience to share with fellow treaders on the path of translation. This summer I tried a real translation bureau for a job of a translator’s assistant. It was really priceless, I realized that my translation classes really matter, and, what I am really proud of, sometimes I had an opportunity to check the work of the professionals and even correct their work sometimes - and, at the same time, to find something new I could learn.

Временное изображение 14.10.2016
On video games translation

On October 6, 2016 Yuri Andreychuk, a linguist and translator, together with the editor Anna Andreychuk conducted a workshop in IGUMO. On the material of computer games The Witcher-2 and The Witcher-3 they told about stages, peculiarities and difficulties of video game translation and gave some advice on how to get over them.

Временное изображение 25.09.2016
Light industry as it is

The students of IGUMO met Galina Karelova, the Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council in Moscow on the wholesale fair “Textillegprom”. The subject of the meeting was a women's forum of light industry leaders.

Временное изображение 23.09.2016
The first steps in Czech

In spite of the fact that the course of the Czech language starts in February the students of the college have already got a chance to acquire the basic elements of speaking it due to the student of the graduate school in the University of Hradec Králové, Alexandra Kičerková . She came to our Institute to teach and study under the student exchange program.

Временное изображение 09.09.2016
IGUMO plans for a Russian women’s community’s portal approved by the Federation Council

The Federation Council of the Federal Assembly held a meeting with the IGUMO team, the vice-chairman of the Upper House of the Russian Parliament Galina Karelova, and two senators, Valentina Petrenko and Elena Afanasyeva. The institute was represented by the rector, deans of several faculties, the vice-rector Roman Piskunov and the head of the IGUMO media centre Pavel Ivanov. The rector presented a concept of the web portal designed by the professors and students of the institute.

Временное изображение 01.09.2016
Rejoice and welcome!

September 1 in IGUMO was bright and great. The Rector and the deans greeted newcomers and told them about academic life. The newcomers took a chance to take a tour round the Institute and to make some photos (see the album).

Временное изображение 15.04.2016
That’s going to be fun!

The Institute steps up cooperation with Czech educational institutions. A few surprises are prepared for people who want to learn Czech. The cooperation gives some unique opportunities – so here they are.

Временное изображение 15.04.2016
DOCA Co – Outcome

This year the contemporary art festival DOCA started with a special preview, the concert of the new-wave band from Russia On-The-Go. DOCA also ends with an event, - the Poco Cox concert. Poco Cox performs a special solo program called Outcome.

Временное изображение 08.04.2016
DOCA Co Preview: On-The-Go Speaking

The On-the-go group opened the DOCA festival. The atmosphere was warm and homely during the concert, where the musicians presented the song Electricity. Before the concert the guys expressed their opinion about cooperative work in general and in their group.

Временное изображение 02.04.2016
The Penguins of the Pen

The 11th festival of young journalism called “The penguins of the Pen” took place in March. The students all over the country practiced their own journalism skills. There were master-classes for the participants.