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My hands on experience of what really matters

Let me introduce myself. I am Ksenia Panteleyeva, a student of the 4th year, Faculty of Linguistics, and Ive picked up some hands-on experience to share with fellow treaders on the path of translation. This summer I tried a real translation bureau for a job of a translators assistant. It was really priceless, I realized that my translation classes really matter, and, what I am really proud of, sometimes I had an opportunity to check the work of the professionals and even correct their work sometimes - and, at the same time, to find something new I could learn.

IGUMO plans for a Russian womens communitys portal approved by the Federation Council

The Federation Council of the Federal Assembly held a meeting with the IGUMO team, the vice-chairman of the Upper House of the Russian Parliament Galina Karelova, and two senators, Valentina Petrenko and Elena Afanasyeva. The institute was represented by the rector, deans of several faculties, the vice-rector Roman Piskunov and the head of the IGUMO media centre Pavel Ivanov. The rector presented a concept of the web portal designed by the professors and students of the institute.

Rejoice and welcome!

September 1 in IGUMO was bright and great. The Rector and the deans greeted newcomers and told them about academic life. The newcomers took a chance to take a tour round the Institute and to make some photos (see the album).

Thats going to be fun!

The Institute steps up cooperation with Czech educational institutions. A few surprises are prepared for people who want to learn Czech. The cooperation gives some unique opportunities so here they are.

DOCA Co Outcome

This year the contemporary art festival DOCA started with a special preview, the concert of the new-wave band from Russia On-The-Go. DOCA also ends with an event, - the Poco Cox concert. Poco Cox performs a special solo program called Outcome.

DOCA Co Preview: On-The-Go Speaking

The On-the-go group opened the DOCA festival. The atmosphere was warm and homely during the concert, where the musicians presented the song Electricity. Before the concert the guys expressed their opinion about cooperative work in general and in their group.

The Penguins of the Pen

The 11th festival of young journalism called The penguins of the Pen took place in March. The students all over the country practiced their own journalism skills. There were master-classes for the participants.

Teaching and rope-walking alike

You have decided to learn Czech. But which approach suits you better and how can you understand the depth of your knowledge in that field? We asked about it a professor, Sergey Sergeevich Skorvid, from Charles University in Prague, who are teaching Czech to Russian-speaking students in IGUMO.

Screening Projects for DOCA16

On the 22th of March IGUMO hosted the meeting of the organizers of the DOCA16 with the students of the Faculties of Design and Photo to screen all the projects for the oncoming festival. According to the IGUMO educational program, DOCA is a practice-oriented project, it develops students professional skills, letting them work with real output.

Day of the Photography Faculty in IGUMO

Belonging to the professional community is a big competitive advantage for a photographer. Team spirit, the possible support in a difficult situation and involvement in the professional environment are of great importance for an accomplished and self-confident photographer.

Brandize water go further

Advertisement is an attractive world of mysteries and adventures, isnt it? Ads quest Brandizers attendants proved it true. Brandizer is a real-time quest, which helped the IGUMO students to look at branding and advertisement anew, and challenged them with some unusual professional experience.

The Beauty of Knowledge

It is always a pleasure to see the results of a thorough and fruitful research. The most sophisticated theoretical disciplines make the last term of the programme. A course of sociolinguistics is always one of the students' favourites. Last week the fourth-year Linguistics students of the full- and part-time courses presented the results of their sociolinguistic researches at the seminars.

Visiting RussPressPhoto

This week the students of the photography faculty visited the project RussPressPhoto in its premises. The organization was founded in 2010 as a promotion and support tool for the Russian photo journalism school. One of its most famous projects is the exhibition Russian Grand Prix.

Czech air in IGUMO

A new Czech-Russian Colleges lecture hall has  appeared in IGUMO. Angelica Jamaludinova, a third-year student of design, has designed the interior by herself. -Hi, Angelica. Could you tell us how you arrived at the idea of such project?

Ways of PR

This week students of AD&PR faculty had a workshop with Anastasia Zhbanova, who is the head of press for Russian social network Odnoklassniki and Group company. She told our students much about different kinds of PR.

Our Life is the Theatre

Several interesting events of the Faculty of Linguistic are being prepared in high gear. The Festival of the Irish Culture, The evening of the Latin-American culture, and also the first run of the Linguistic Theaters  performance Dracula.  What is the LT? Its the project for all seasons, a theatrical troop to develop language skills by acting in English. They call themselves the Linguazzers. Those are mostly the students of the Institute, but not excluding the students of the college.

Literary Language vs. The Language of Literature

It is very difficult to make the first move into your research. The research area is very extensive but if you are keen on discovering something new it wont be a problem to overcome difficulties.

Horizons of International Exchange

The rector of IGUMO Marina Volynkina, the dean of the Psychology faculty Mariya Borisova and the dean of the Linguistics faculty Oksana Kurenya visited the University of Hradec Kralove. So, IGUMO is now cooperating with it! IGUMO and the University of Hradec Kralove (UHC) will exchange students and professors and solve various scientific problems.

Russian-Chinese Forum

On 26 October there was another event in the institute, the Russian-Chinese forum dedicated to the culture of China. The event was attended by teachers and students of the Faculty of Design and Linguistics, students of Design College and guests of the forum Orient-specialized scholars and students, businessmen with business experience in China, and the students of the Institute of the Orient. The main aims were: to increase general and professional erudition of students, taking into account the current geopolitical and economic situation in the world, the development of public speaking skills, as well as expansion of communications IGUMO students with the representatives of science, culture and business...


On 22 October there was an online meeting with the team of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics on rebranding theme. The Plekhanovs representatives shared their rebranding experience. It was very useful as it would help to understand what was done correctly or what should be done...