The Main Lines of Research in IGUMO

The Main Lines of Research in IGUMO

In IGUMO research activity is conducted in 7 priority sectors which include planning of research activity, defense of theses, preparing and publishing of research data.

1. Modern Problems of Civil Jurisprudence. The sector includes 5 topics.

• Innovative Business Activity (headed by Professor M.Volynkina, Rector of IGUMO, Ph.D (Law).

The topicality of the issue results from the economic changes taking place in Russia. These changes are based on the emergence of an innovative model of economic development which necessitates creating a mechanism of legal regulation of the relationships evolved in the process of innovation.

Within the frameworks of this topic M.Volynkina defended the doctorate thesis «Civil Law Form of Innovative Activity» ; issued 2 monographs (Innovative Legislation in Russia, Legal Regulation of Innovative Activity); published 12 articles in professional journals recommended by State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles (VAK).

New Legal Regulating Forms of Corporation (headed by Professor Grishaev, Head of Civil Low Disciplines Academic Department, Ph.D(Law).

The topicality of the issue results from the changes of the economic situation of the country over the last decade. It results in preparing several relevant amendments to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation in order to regulate the legal regulating forms of corporations.

The Copyright Law in the USA (The heads of research are Professor M.Volynkina, Rector of IGUMO, Ph.D (Law); Professor G.Gumovskaya, Deputy Rector for International Projects, Ph.D (Philology).

The topicality of issue results from the fact that the US was and remains one of the leading world powers which successively protects creative authorship by the Copyright Law. Despite some differences between the legal systems of Russia and the USA, in the context of globalization, it is necessary to study the best practices of the USA and other developed countries of the world, which promotes accumulation of both theoretical and practical material for the development of cooperation between our countries.

Within the framework of this topic several articles were published in the professional journals recommended by State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles (VAK), a number of round table discussions were held and an international conference was planned.

The Contents of the Exclusive Rights (The heads of research are Professor M.Volynkina, Rector of IGUMO, Ph.D (Law); Professor Grishaev, Head of Civil Low Disciplines Academic Department, Ph.D. (Law).

The topicality of the research results from the recent economic trends connected with involving Civil Law intangible objects into an economic rotation process and from few serious monographic publications on the topic (V.Dozortsev, E.Gavrilova, I.Bliznets).

Within the framework of this topic, in 2009 a higher school textbook Intellectual Properly was published by Professor S.Grishaev. It contains most general characteristics of intellectual properly and details the main features of its objects.

In 2011 PhD thesis Patent Law in Russia and France: a Comparative Analysis was defended by O.Kondratenko. The conclusions of the young researcher not only contributed to the enrichment of theoretical knowledge of the Patent Laws in Russia and France but revealed the developing trends of technological innovations involved into the economic systems of these two countries according to their legal systems.

The IGUMO researchers published a number of articles on the topic discussed in the journals recommended by VAK.

Within the frameworks of this topic, the IGUMO Law Department post-graduate E.Shvachko is engaged into the research on the topicProtection of Citizen's Image. In 2011–2012 academic year seven graduates of the Law Department will carry out their diploma projects under the supervision of M.Volynkina to participate in a competition for the best degree projects.

The Internet and the Law (The heads of research are Professor M.Volynkina, Rector of IGUMO, Ph.D (Law); Professor Grishaev, Head of Civil Low Disciplines Academic Department, Ph.D. (Law).

Internet is a global communication technology which gave rise to new economic relations. However this communication mechanism needs special legal control. These new relations in the cyberspace have not yet got any legal control in Russia and abroad. That essentially complicates their legal support. On the other hand, the concept of the Internet Law has already been included into the Civil Law Standards, which made it an event of current importance to conduct a joint scientific research The Internet and Law by the Civil Law Disciplines Academic Department and the IGUMO Civil Jurisprudence Center.

The scientists of the Civil Law Disciplines Academic Department take active part in the conferences connected with the topic discussed, hold round table discussions at the IGUMO Law Department and actively involve students into discussions of the new information relations. The Web site of the IGUMO Law Department contains a special section the Internet and Law which accumulates the corresponding information.

Within the frameworks of the topic discussed E. Leshchenko, a post-graduate student of the Civil Low Disciplines Academic Department carries out research on the subject Civil Law Form of Transactions Conducted into the Internet.

2. Dominant Features of Languages for Special Purposes (LSP) (headed by Professor G.Gumovskaya, Deputy Rector for International Projects, PhD (Philology).

The topicality of this research results from the fact that in the process of the dynamic development of international cooperation and integration LSP provides professional communication in a certain sphere of knowledge.

Research in the sphere of Language for Special Purposes is aimed at getting theoretical and practical results in the area of English stylistics and in the development of linguistic issues of professional information exchange between specialists of different countries.

Within the frameworks of the research IGUMO holds international conferences, such as Professional Communication: Verbal and Cognitive Aspects, Language in Culture and Culture in Language and Celebrating Culture and Heritage through Language Teaching: Best Practices. In 2009 and 2011, about a thousand of students, post graduate students of the institute, teachers of Moscow secondary and higher schools, foreign guests, took part in the international conferences on the problems of language, LSP and culture, carried out by IGUMO.

Linguistic Systems of Communication: theoretical aspects of Languages for Special Purposes and their distinctive features from Languages for General Purposes, cognitive functions of LSP, terminological systems (The head of research is Professor G.Gumovskaya, Deputy Rector for International Projects, PhD (Philology)

The problems of special texts translation from the Russian and English languages — interference, translational strategies and transformations, means of achievement of adequacy and equivalence of translation, terminology (The head of research is Professor G.Gumovskaya, Deputy Rector for International Projects, PhD (Philology). Professor G.Gumovskaya heads the Student Translation Bureau working within the frameworks of the research project discussed.

Since 2006 published were more than 20 articles in Russian and foreign journals, 1 monograph LSP in Professional Communication(G.Gumovskaya, 2008) and 2 higher school textbooks: English in the Legal Profession (A.Shirokih, 2006) for students of law departments and Functional Styles in Modern English Language (G. Gumovskaya, A. Shirokih, 2010). for students of non-lingual departments.

The researchers of the topic yearly take part in international conferences in Moscow and other cities: Warsaw (2008, 2010, 2011), Kaliningrad(2009), Kazan (2008) and St. Petersburg (2008, 2010, 2012); prepared are15 reports and published are 22 scientific articles. G.Gumovskaya as a guest professor (2003 -2006) and M.Zaverukha as an exchange student (2011) were invited and went to the Special Languages Academic Chair of the Warsaw State University Applied Linguistic Department (Poland). In 2008 2010 three members of IGUMO faculty (G.Gumovskaya, E.Markova and A.Shirokih) took part in a research project on the problems of foreign languages methods of teaching and the principles of working out Educational Methodic Complex (UMK) for professional communication training, organized by US Embassy in Moscow.

Evolution of the West European Biblical Discourse (headed by Professor E. B. Yakovenko, Head of the academic chair Romano-Germanic Philology, PhD (Philology).

The research of this topic is aimed at an integrated analysis of the translations of the Holy Bible into West European languages (English, German, French), which were carried out during VIII-XXI centuries. The researchers of the problem have subjected to analysis the following aspects 1) the early translations of the Holy Bible into the German languages (VIII-XI centuries) and the historical conditions of their appearance. 2) The most significant translations of the Bible during the Reformation period. They are The King James Bible and Martin Luther Bible. 3) Modern translations of the Bible into English, German and French. These translations are intended for a general reader.

In 2007 Professor E. Yakovenko published her monograph Homo Biblicus which depicts the linguistic image of a person created in the English and German translations of the Bible (on the basis of conceptual modeling) and defended her PhD thesis in Philology.

Professor E. Yakovenko participates in different conferences devoted not only to the problems of the Bible, but also to a wider range of cognitive linguistics at The Russian Academy of Sciences Linguistics Institute, IGUMO, the Institute of Foreign Languages. As a member of the Biblical Literature Society she delivered reports at the International Scientific Forums (2010 Tartu, Estonia; Zelena Gora, Poland; 2011 Leuven, Belgium; London and York, UK). In 2011 Professor E. Yakovenko took an active part in the events which were held in West Europe in honor of the 400-anniversary of the King James Bible.

Communicative Patterns and Modeling Systems of Pedagogical Information in Foreign Language Acquisition (headed by Associate Professor Maria Borisova, PhD, Head of Pedagogy and Language Teaching Methods Chair).

The topic of research is of current interest to science and because it is aimed at the development of new innovative methods and technologies, which can realize the goals of modern educational systems.

In 2011 published were 2 articles in the professional journals recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission (VAK). Nadezhda Boguk works on her PhD thesis writes a dissertation on the topic Methods of Special Course Construction (Academic Writing in English). The chair faculty takes part in on the national and international conferences on the subjects of their research. They also teach students how to model pedagogical information in different effective ways.

3. Psychological Problems of a Person and Behavior. It consists of 5 projects.

The Problems of Archetypal Psychology (headed by Professor Y. Antonyan, PhD (Law), Chief Researcher of IGUMO).

The research is devoted to the main archetypes that influence a person and a society’s life. The authors subjected to analysis individual archetypes as a particular private manifestation of the unconscious and the collective, their correlation with myths and symbols.

Two monographs and three articles were published on the topic of research, among them The Great Mother. The Reality of the Archetype(2007), The Archetype and the crime (2009).

Psychology of a Persons Professional Development (headed by Professor Aleksei Glushko, PhD (Psychology), Honoured Doctor of Russia, Head of Clinical Psychology the academic chair of IGUMO).

Subjected to research are the actual problems of students professional development in the training process, the nature and mechanisms of the difficulties to arise, development crises and psychological support to students, in general, and the IGUMO students, in particular. Two All Russian interuniversity scientific conferences were held on the results of the experimental research. They were Modern Problems of Psychological Consulting and Psychotherapy (2010), Modern Problems of Professional Consulting“ (2011). The two monographs ( The Formation of the Professional Proficiency and Psychological Fitness of Cadets in Military Educational Establishments in the Russian Federation (2003), The Psychological and Ergonomic Fundamentals and Means of the Professional Development of Medical Students (2009) were published along the 38 38 articles (ten of them were published in the journals recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission).

Human Aggression Theory ( (headed by Professor Y. Antonyan, PhD (Law), Chief Researcher of IGUMO).

The project team subjects to analysis the legal, criminological and psychological aspects of terrorism and extremism; the causes of these phenomena, the problems of crime control and crime prevention. The results of the research were published in five monographs includingEthno-religious Conflicts: Problems and Solutions, Ethno-religious Terrorism, The Archetype and the Crime, The Nature of Ethno-religious Terrorism (the IGUMO Publishers) and Terrorism in Modern World (Publishing house Nauka). Two articles were published in the professional journals recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission.

Xenophobia Psychology (headed by Associate Professor Yelena Yurasova, PhD (Psychology), Dean of Psychology Department).

Xenophobia as non-acceptance of people of other nationality and/or other culture. It is one of the most urgent problems both in modern world and in Russia. Xenophobia has become a psychological basis for extremism and terrorism. Psychology should aim at researching the nature of xenophobia more deeply. Now there are facts that certain personal characteristic features can contribute to xenophobia. The elaboration of this topic aims at giving advice on preventive measures and at correcting the spreading of xenophobia. 8 articles have been published; the results of this research will constitute the basis of a doctoral thesis by Associate Professor Yelena Yurasova.

Coping Behavior Psychology (headed by Associate Professor Yulia Sorokina, PhD (Psychology), Head of the IGUMO academic chair SocialPsychology).

The topic of research results from the fact that life today has become unstable. All strata of society prove to be unprotected. The external conditions are rapidly changing and it is necessary to overcome not only global stress factors, but everyday difficulties. That is why the problem of coping with stressful situations is of current importance for science and society. Stress situations increase in the life of people of different ages and social groups, who live in megalopolises and towns. This fact raises the requirements to people‘s ability to copy with stress, to adapt to and to endure stress conditions. According to the research the choice of coping styles and strategies depends on a humans personality and the characteristics of stress situations.

The results and conclusions of the topic under discussion achieved by a team of researchers (students and Professors) during the last 5 years were reported at interuniversity and international conferences; several articles have been published, an interuniversity panel discussion has been held and a manual Coping Behavior Psychology has been prepared for publication.

4. Criminological Problems of Crime Control. The project comprises are 3 aspects.

Prevention of Terrorism and Extremism. (headed by Professor Yuri Antonyan, PhD (Law), Chief Research Specialist of IGUMO).

Terrorism and religious extremism became the most dangerous problems among modern global challengers. It is caused by the enormous size and scope of the recent terrorist actions which make explicit threat to the national safety not only in the Russian Federation but in the world community as well. Terrorism attacks the essence of the values that constitute the human being. These values comprise human rights and liberties, democracy and stability. The vitality of terrorism and religious extremism demands permanent improvement of the coping mechanism of this dangerous social phenomenon.

Within the frameworks of this research Professor Yuri Antonyan was awarded a grant for the project Terrorism in Russiaby The Russian Foundation for Basic Research. In 2008 Yuri Antonyan published his monograph The Nature of Ethno-religious Terrorism.

Russian Legal Science Abroad (19201940) (headed by Professor Eduard Pobegailo, PhD (Law), Head of the Criminal Law Academic Chair).

The subject of this research is up to date, because nowadays the reintegration process of the Russian science into the world research takes place. The reconsideration of stable theoretical theses is a characteristic feature of modern legal science. That is why the process of the development of new legal constructions concerning different problems of the humanitarian measurement is going on. The theoretical significance of the research lies in the analysis of the genesis of the Russian emigrations legal ideas, the identification of the aspects that influence the theoretical elaboration of foreign science development, and in sources systematization.

In 2011 Professor Pobegailo was rewarded a grant to work out the project by the RF Education and Science Ministry. Within the frameworks of the topic discussed, post-graduate student A. Maguz works on her PhD thesis entitled The problems of criminology theory and criminal law in the light of the views of Russian emigration representatives of the first half of the XX century.

Prevention of Murders Committed under Aggravating Circumstances (headed by Associate Professor M.Mogachev, PhD (Law), Professor of the Criminal Law Academic Chair)

The team of researchers of the subject to analysis the status and the dynamics of murders that were committed in the Russian Federation. They bring to light the nature and the reasons of such most dangerous categories of crimes as murder is. They study those personal physiological characteristics of murders and the mechanisms of their criminal behaviour. They work out measures against crimes committed under aggravating circumstances.

The results of the research found its reflection in a number of articles and the analysis of the empiric materials were published in professional journals recommended by VAK. Besides, a monograph is planned to be published.

5. Innovative Activity of Market Sides. The project includes 4 topics.

The Main Trends of the Customer Market of Goods and Services Development (headed by Professor V. Litovchenko, PhD (Economics).

Within the framework of this project three monographs have been published. They are Financial Accounting and the Analysis of Production Costs (2008), Methods of Financial Analysis (2009), The Analysis of the Companys Financial State and its Application for Management(2010). Published were 6 articles in professional journals recommended by VAK.

The Dynamics of Behavioural Directives under the Conditions of Institutional Heterogeneity and Market Participants Innovative Activities(headed by Associate Professor E. Ribokene, PhD (Economics) Dean of the Advertising and PR Department).

The projects touches upon the most urgent problems of economics and results from the heterogeneity of the Russian economic space marked by the trajectory of the previous development. In such conditions it is necessary to subject to analysis the institutional platform and its dominants. The current significance of this subject is confirmed by the appearance of new vectors the institutional environment of post-industrial information society and regional institutionalism.

Published were a number of articles and planned is a round table Evolution and Self-Regeneration Theories and Economic Development. A collective monograph on the results of this research is planned to be issued.

Diversification Management of Innovative Media Company (headed by Associate Professor E. Volynkina, PhD, Head of the Management Academic Chair, Dean of the Department of Design).

Modernization of native economy requires new radical development strategies, methods and tools of management. It is necessary to provide further development of the theoretical and methodological principles of diversification management in innovative companies in a relatively short time. The subject of this research project results from the outpacing rate of the development of media area both in the world and in Russia, and by the lack of in-depth research of the activity of media companies and their structures. Nowadays media area influences the formation of general culture and world outlook, being a powerful instrument of the formation of public opinion.

Within the frames of this research project published are several articles and a monograph in professional journals recommended by VAK.

The Development of Motivational Aspects of Management in Service Industries (headed by Associate Professor I. Klyuchevskaya, PhD, Head of the Marketing Academic Chair).

The subject of the research project results from the activity intensification of advertising services which accompanies the development of market relations. Market principles of the economic management, an urgent need for improving the quality and the expansion of the production range, and for solution of social problems have set new targets in the field of promotional activities. It is a must for the specialists who work in the advertising industry to raise their professional level and to solve organization, personnel and production problems in an effective way. The most important instrument for this is an effective management of staff in promotional organizations. First of all it is its strongly generated motivation.

Within the framework of the project published were 4 articles in professional journals recommended by VAK.

6. Modern Problems of Communicative Techniques (headed by Professor E. Dmitriev, PhD (Philology), Deputy Rector for Research.

The problems under study have an interdisciplinary character at the junction of such disciplines as journalism, public relations, advertising and other marketing communications.

In the process of realization of the project the team of researchers would identify the criteria and factors of the texts efficiency in different communication processes and point out the destructive factors that prevent effective communication, the barriers and filters and the ways of overcoming them. It is significant and to single out the characteristics and regularities of a manipulative communication or to propose ways of confronting it.

Within the framework of the project published were Higher School textbooks The Problems of the Genre and the Addressing Factor, TheFactor of Addressing in Linguistic and Philosophical Discourse and in Literary Criticism,, and a number of articles in professional journals recommended by VAK.

7. Mathematical Modeling of Complex Systems. The project comprises 2 topics.

Mathematical Modeling in Engineering Complexes (headed by Professor K. Magomedov, PhD (Engeneering), Honoured Worker of Science of the Republic of Dagestan, Deputy Rector for Academic Work).

Within the framework of the project doctoral dissertation Mathematic Modeling and the Analysis of Electrical and Thermal Processes in Engineering Complexes was defended by Professor K. Magomedov and seven monographs have been published, among them TheControl of Energy Systems: Part 3. Models of Heat Conduction (2006); Mathematic Modeling of Innovative Risk Management Tools in Market Infrastructure (2007); Non-linear Models and Miscellaneous Heat Conduction Problems (2008). Published were 28 articles in professional journals recommended by VAK. Obtained have been 2 patents.

Mathematical Modeling in Bio Informatics: Research of Text Matrix Latent Structures in Informative and Biological Vehicles (headed by Associate Professor A. Bushuev, PhD (Engineering) Head of Mathematics and of Natural History Academic Chair of Mathematics and PhD of Physical and Associate Professor V. Kutyrkin, PhD (Mathematics).

Prediction and searching for the structural and functional properties of proteins have become an urgent problem of genetic studies. The priori information about these properties is unknown. They correlate with the regular and periodic structures of the DNA sequences. This topic is devoted to mathematical methods development related to the search of latent regular and periodic structures in DNA sequence. Within the framework of the project published are 5 articles in professional journal recommended by VAK.