Another Drop of History: Hammers of the Scots

Another Drop of History: Hammers of the Scots

Another Drop of History: Hammers of the Scots 1

Second linguistic-cultural seminar, A Cup of Language with a Drop of History, dedicated to the history of Scotland, took place on the 23rd of September. The seminar attracted attention not only of students who attend college and institute in full-time tuition, but it was also joined by students of other forms of education.

When all places where occupied and there wasn’t any room to swing a cat, first part of the film, which was granted by the BBC, was shown a week ago. So this time a larger room was reserved for the meeting.

Another Drop of History: Hammers of the Scots 2

The film amazed all the viewers by the virgin beauty of natural landscapes of Scotland, by mysteriousness of many historical monuments such as Hadrians Wall or ruins of abbeys. However, undoubtedly, the keen interest was provoked by the main idea of the seminar – the history of Scotland.

There were a lot of useful and interesting information which lovers of Scotlands culture refreshed in their minds and the beginners found out something new for themselves. We hope that these seminars will increasingly attract students not only from the Linguistics, but also from the other Faculties, because these seminars arouse interest of people to the culture of different countries and also develop our horizons.

We continue next Monday, on the 30th of September with another episode of the saga of Scotlands history: the story of Robert Bruce and the Bishop made King.

Room 218, 4:10 pm.

Karina Marakshina, the 2nd year student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages



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