500 years of the Battle of Flodden Field

500 years of the Battle of Flodden Field

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There are events which define the course of the history. Knowing these events, or rather, a kind of social awareness of them is vital for understanding lives of both individuals and communities. We recollect these events sometimes with pride, sometimes with grief, and yet sometimes with both feelings at the same time. But if we truly want to understand ourselves we can't forget them. Forgetting our past would mean forgetting our present, forgetting who we are. Losing our own identity, our own pride, our very self. The Battle of Flodden Field (1613) is surely amongst them, for it is one of the key events in troubled relations of Scotland and England.

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On the 9th of September, Scotland commemorated the 500 years of the great national tragedy. 15 thousand men of Scotland and England lost their lives in it, with many noble men among them, and with King James IV of Scotland himself. He was destined to be the last King from the British Isles who died in the battle. Another one tragic chapter of history of Scotland ended, the history of a continuous quest for identity and struggle for independence.

James IV was probably the last King of Scotland known to have spoken Scottish Gaelic language. However, it was James IV who subdued John MacDonald II and got his long-desired title, Lord of the Isles. The Scottish Gaelic language (one of the Celtic languages spoken by the inhabitants of the highlands) was almost entirely replaced by the Scottish language (spoken by the inhabitants of the lowlands), consanguineous to English.

To commemorate the Battle of Flodden, the Faculty of Foreign Languages invites students and professors of IGUMO to discover the breathtaking and controversial film "A History of Scotland" presented by Neil Oliver as a part of Faculty's new Seminar, “A Cup of Language with a Drop of History”.

16 September 2013, 4:10 pm, Lingvarium (room 218). Episode 1: The Last of the Free.

To learn more about the Battle of Flodden Field we recommend visiting theweb-site Flodden 1613.

Yevgeny Brazul-Bruszkowski, Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages



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