The world of creativity is an overall/broad concept

IGUMO IT is the main and the best creative institute in Moscow due to the specialists at the Design Department who are able to prove it with its excellent results and great deeds.

The Creative Management Centre

The IGUMO’s Creative Education Centre is located at the dean’s office at the Design Department. The office, on the one hand, it is an administrative area, but, on the other hand, it is exclusively decorated. Moreover, the dean’s office at the Design Department isn’t only comfortable but also stylish. Workplaces for employees, a peculiar negotiation corner and even a corner for relaxation – these were created within a very limited period of time and on the limited territory. Each element of the design is of great importance: personal space is a part of the whole.

The compositional peculiarities and décor elements in the dean’s office at the Design Department used for creating a multifunctional office reflect the striving of the Design Department leaders for innovations and show their courage in putting forward effective solutions.

From the point of view design, such layout enables the young specialists to use the space correctly; it reflects the general idea of office, its minimalism and modernity.


The Lecture Hall — Experience Exchange Studio

The following task for the Design Department was decoration of the lecture hall and the art studio. The fact that the seats in the hall are arranged like an amphitheater reflects the tendencies of the leading universities of the world.

The atmosphere in such an interior becomes of great importance and significance for the Design Department. The door and the walls of the studying amphitheatre, like a stream of thoughts are furnished with streaks, whose colour symbolizes the Design Department of IGUMO IT. The atmosphere of the lecture hall seems to be pervaded with energetic creative streams.

The slide projector which is capable of reflecting the whole colour scheme makes it possible to demonstrate on a big screen the collections of masterpieces and the latest achievements in the design world.


The Art Studio

The feeling is running high when you look into the adjoining room – art studio, full of easels, paints, and brushes necessary for painting.


The PR-Laboratory

In IGUMO IT the PR-Laboratory is a brainchild of the creative and skillful staff of the Design Department’s leading specialists, who are true designers headed by their main inspirer Martin Simutis. Founding a creative platform for the students, these designers with original thinking refused the academic standards flatly.


The space of the laboratory is well thought over: it has local areas, each of which provides for creating a peculiar mood. The conciseness, sophistication and respectability only strengthen the working functions of the laboratory.

The Study Office

When the Design Department’s specialists were decorating the Study Office of IGUMO, their main purpose was to convey the mood, the pace of life, and an increasing information flow which are in real business space.

One wall of the study office is decorated with newspaper pages devoted to economic news. In the background there are prices of the shares in the Exchange marked out with bright colours. The yellowish patina of the old times shows that it’s for centuries. The clock, pointing the time in Moscow, in London, in New York and in Tokyo, attaches to the study office great significance to the study office and proves the absence of time frames and local boards in the world of business.

The space of the study office in IGUMO is divided into several areas: workplaces with lots of computers, a peculiar negotiation area, and «information storage».


The brilliant accomplishment of all the tasks is an artistic merit of the Design Department’s staff in IGUMO.