New Year Master-Class of the IGUMO Professors


At the Institute for the Humanities and IT the last working days of December are always extremely productive: the days of study give way to holiday events, the new plans supersede the achievements and it seems that even the «heat» of the New Year’s garlands is directly connected with the «heat» of the examinations. The last days of the year are flying away with the speed of the supersonic airliner, including the unbelievable number of different events. At the same time all of the events at the Institute for the Humanities and IT comprise a great deal of emotional energy! If it is an Academic Council Meeting it will be efficient to its maximum, if it is a New Year Corporative Party, it will be creative at its highest point!

This year they decided not to use the academic form of the summary and to unite the report of the results of the IGUMO Academic Council Meeting with the funny reportage from the winter New Year Pioneer Camp, which each of the IGUMO Staff and professors had a chance to visit.

Let’s represent the events in their natural order.

On December, 27, 2011 the meeting of the Academic Council took place at the Institute. The way of increasing the students’ motivation for the Highest Education was one of the most debatable and important issues on the agenda. The resolution of the Round Table Meeting of the Psychology Department in the network of the December International Scientific Conference at IGUMO was submitted to the Academic Union Activists of the Institute. The professors made the thorough research «Psychological Education in the network of the New Educational Standard» but the results of it were not comforting.

The causes of the Highest Education crisis are «at the surface» of the society. The level of knowledge and competence of the students declines steadily. The schools don’t pay much attention to the declining of the communicative skills of their pupils because of the deep concentration on the Unified State Exam. As a result the school-leavers who confidently communicate only in the Internet are not ready for the perception of the great amount of information they get at the Institute. They can’t position themselves and express their thoughts clearly. The first failures provide the lack of self-confidence which in its turn weakens the motivation of getting high-quality education. This threatens the idea of the competence-based approach which is a necessary part of the new Educational Standards. The IGUMO Psychologists didn’t only bring out this problem but they also developed several practical ways of averting the crisis and making the students’ motivation more high and strong.

The offered methodology is based on the psychology-pedagogical approach which demands for the additional qualification of the professors qualified at their area of knowledge. That is why all IGUMO professors will take a course of free professional retraining in spring 2012 targeting professional skill upgrading which lays special emphasis on the related sciences such as Pedagogy, Psychology, and Informational Technologies. This will make the training process more effective and fascinating.


At the Academic Council Meeting Kurenya I., young scholar-linguist, assistant professor of the Chair of Romano-Germanic Philology, presented his preliminary thesis presentation. On the Eve of the New Year Kurenya I, and Egorova M. got the titles of the IGUMO Associate Professors for their pedagogical achievements.

December, 28, 2011 became a day of real New Year relaxation for the IGUMO Staff! The time of the academic debates gave way to the time of New Year joy nearby a Pioneer fire. The IGUMO professors and other Staff revealed themselves! Without any exaggeration, the IGUMO students can be proud of their cheerful and full of life professors. They can enjoy themselves and make themselves merry as brilliantly as they work!

What a uniform they had! White shirts and blouses, black trousers and skirts, bright recognizable ties, not crimson but fiery orange, flippant bows…. And how entertaining the games were! The warm atmosphere of the Young Pioneer Camp pervaded the hall! Official briefing. Hoisting of the flag! And then there were sack races, tug of war, the disco of the 80s, the competition for the best drawing, and the New Year songs from each Young Pioneer Unit which were not only in Russian but in English as well.

The Head of the Young Pioneer Camp read out the Order which stated the encouragement for the professors tested the point-rating system of training this academic term. The adoption of the new standards requires hard efforts of the IGUMO Chairs, and the whole Academic Staff. Generally speaking, the academic programmes are being created anew. The first part was developed at the end of the previous academic year and it was approbated (by the way, with the participation of the IGUMO students, the feedback of which is one of the most of these programmes innovation). One more considerable step to the systematization of the IGUMO training process in the network of the Highest Education reorganization was made. Surely, the names of the leaders were read in the most solemn atmosphere.


Coming back to the Young Pioneer Camp it is worth to say that each participant got a gift from Santa Claus. And in general, our remarkable maîtres of every age managed to sit at the celebrating table, to dance dashingly, and to visit the Magic East Salon.

But this is an absolutely different story. The invitations to the Magic Salon intrigued the participants of the New Year celebrations long before its opening. Judge for yourself, how could people be indifferent to the offers to get to know the fortune in the Book of Changes of Khai Shenwei, Chinese Magician?! How can they refuse meeting with Zita and Gita, Indian beauties, who will braid their hair for their aura correction with magic massage of the head and hands?!


Here is an invitation to the fairy-tale «1001 night»: «Silent, as the sky, Aureliya will give you a fortune from the horn of Plenty of the Moon and the Sun», and «Fariza Gyulchatai Sulfamin-kyzy, Enchantress of the hot Maghreb, will conduct a tea ceremony for you“. The multimedia vernisage of the Pablo Ivanoff hid something tempting as well… Everyone wanted to reveal the secrets of the Magic East! We drank tea with a saint belief that all our wishes will come true, we listened to the predictions as real Pioneers, we breathed in the delicate aroma of the candles with the enthusiasm and hope….»!

…So, upon my word, the hearts of the IGUMO Academic Staff were full of the New Year magic!

For the first time we revealed the veil of mystery over the trendy words «Corporate Party». At IGUMO it is not just a commonplace feast with banal toasts (by the way, there was no any, as our pioneers drank only soda at the fantastic bar with the cocktails…), but it is an occasion to say: «Value each moment of your life! Don’t follow any pattern! Use your imagination! Keep your soul young! And this is the guarantee of the success!» Hence the title of this article «New Year Master-Class of the IGUMO Professors»! We are able to show a master class on every vital situation! And we think that we have a right to assert this!