New Year Gift from the Design Department

Life never stops – it’s the law of time that brings us to make a decision determining our destiny. It’s quite similar to IGUMO chronicles, because inactivity and stagnation never were its lifestyle. IGUMO is progressing, developing and keeping abreast of the times and that, as it was mentioned, determines the evolution. It seems that our institute had achieved success, but there is no limit of success for the Institute. It means we never stop and are always moving forward.

A lot of decisions are taken by the institute with time advance unlike the others. Only some time later general public begin to consider these ideas as farseeing, really progressive and innovative.

Judge for yourself.

The Department of Design prepared a special Christmas gift for its beloved institute. They presented a town to IGUMO with its own cafeterias, restaurants, an embankment, flowers, trees, a park, amusements, little boats, houses and even animals. Both the students and the teachers were fancy of it. It doesn’t matter that the little cozy town is located on the wall of IGUMO’s cafeteria.

It seems like a simple detail, but exactly of such things they usually say «they are the trifles that make difference». Our whole life (in spiritual sense) consists of those «trifles». The IGUMO’s leaders realized long time ago that really good person can be developed in the atmosphere of pleasantness, so that’s why IGUMO’s administration strives for making the institute to be something bigger than a training ground. For the beginning, the IGUMO administration creates a unique art-studio, and then it presents a creative laboratory for the students with no analogue anywhere in Moscow. Another thing to appear is a lecture hall, then – a business class that looks like an international stock exchange.

However, let’s go back to the weekend. After all the preparations were over, the administration of the Department of Design found out that in the world of arts there is a person who could be called a pioneer in marker painting – a British artist and architect Stephen Wiltshire who professionally draws cities, streets, houses, cars and other details of exterior, making his drafts with a marker.

Stephen Wiltshire is an artist, who can reproduce city views that he saw once in details and very accurately. As it turned out, Stephen’s talent originates from his unique ability of phenomenal memory. People with the same properties can reproduce several text pages, heard once, with no mistake, or, for instance, repeat all the arias, heard one time. They have extremely rapid and exact reaction in complicated calculating, can reproduce the art and music masterpieces and even distinguish subtle scents.

There are only 25 people all over the world like Stephen Wiltshire. No doubt, he is a genius; however IGUMO has a talented staff also. The canvas, created by the department of Design and presented to the Institute by the Head of the Graphical Design sub department, was not a recreation of some city by memory, but not a less talented and worthy piece of art.

The most amazing thing was that the Graphical Design staff unknowingly followed the genius. They draw a town with a marker on the wall and considered it esthetically correct, fine and original; it turned out to be a special drawing style of such a unique personality. It’s because our teachers and students are talented, being altogether a creative team, following the right way; while IGUMO resembles a progressive mind, tending to give its students the best, innovative and creative ideas that turned out to be unique.

Your Department of Design