I like everything in the IGUMO


I like everything in the IGUMO


Or the day that has changed my life forever!

The first-year students of IGUMO's Advertisement and PR Department shared their impressions about the so quickly passed first term (of student life) and the exams sneaked on unexpectedly for the first time in their life:

Tatyana Sergeyeva (first-year student of the Advertisement and PR Department)

— New friends and contacts; new home; exams – is what I got during the first term. It's a serious change in your life to enter the Institute. Everything is different here: high loads; new routines and disciplines. The beginning was rather frightening, just do remember the word «exams». «Adulthood» words have attracted and scared at the same time.

But everything turned out to be not as frightening as I had expected. The start is set up and the prospects don't seem so hazily anymore. Besides, at last you begin to understand that nobody but you is the person who needs it. Just for a half-year I got very much — new knowledge and friends.

I never regretted I had chosen that profession at this Institute. It provided me with excellent teaching stuff; interesting education programs; created a friendly atmosphere and perfect climate!

I hope everything will run as smoothly as it does now! I wish everyone passed the exams successfully!

Igor Galchenko (first-year student of the Advertisement and PR Department)

— Let me share my impressions about my studying in IGUMO. I think that the teaching stuff was sel ected rather professionally. Everyone knows his subject perfectly and can share his knowledge in the easiest way, not only «fully» but colorfully providing us with interesting facts and clear examples. Such a manner stimulates the students to get knowledge but not just to attend classes! My group consists of people with various (different) types of character. But even such a short period of time was enough to unite our group and establish a real team. I have no doubts that the next term will be even more interesting! I'm glad that I have chosen IGUMO as a starting point for getting higher education and becoming an expert who is in great demand these days.

Polina Ulyanova (first-year student of the advertisement and PR Department)

The first term made rather good and bright impressions on me! The procedure on initiation to students; special exhibitions; forums – all those were very useful; interesting and influenced on the unity of our group. I was very happy with my group mates and the students fr om senior courses. And they admitted us with open arms. It's really very pleasant to join such a friendly and united family! The teaching stuff is very good and the education is really responsible!

And what about my proposals for the next term – I'd like to have more practice and more travels and visits, events to be conducted both inside and outside the Institute.

Thanks to everyone for the half-year passed!

Valeria Sorokina (first-year student of Advertisement and PR Department)

It goes without saying that our IGUMO has a lot of advantages. It's really a pleasure and comfort to study here because it creates home-like surroundings. There are many things I like: interactively equipped classes; student life full of variable events.

Olga Ciobanu (first-year student of Advertisement and PR Department)

I like everything in IGUMO! The first term ran quickly, we did not even notice it.

I didn't have any serious difficulties in studying. The teachers are very polite and kind. All the lectures and seminars were interesting and did not cause any difficulties. My Department is simply the best! You ask me why? Well, I think that the most creative and interesting subjects are studied at the Advertisement and PR Department! But I am sure that the other students think of their departments in the same way! And what a magnificent man our dean is! And so friendly, funny, and cool our students are! Both the study process and student life have impressed me so much!

Ivan Ljashchenko (first-year student of Advertisement and PR Department)

-First of all, I'd like to note that a decision to enter this Institute was spontaneous. To say the truth, each step in my live has been carefully planned. But this time I relied on my intuition and a call of my heart. I didn't know what to expect for it was the most important step in my life, but I did it. Only afterword I thought a lot: what group mates and teachers I would have; whether I would be satisfied with studying this specialty.

Well, the 1st of September was the day that changed my life forever! First of all, I started to look for students from my Department. The first guy I met was Dmitry Kim, then I got acquainted with Innokentiy Novikov and Nastja Karkos. I had only good impressions about my new friends. Very soon I met the teachers fr om my department as well.

And now the first term has come to an end and the only thought that occurred to me was «How lucky I am!» I couldn't imagine even in my dream how luckily it turned out. Though we have some friction I still think that our group is the best one! I'm proud of being taught by such skilful teachers! It was more than I could have imagined! Thank you! IGUMO is a unity of students and Departments. That's why the other students of the Institute for the Humanities and IT share my opinion.

Marat Magbudov (Management Department)

— IGUMO is a good higher educational institution and that is the fact! In my opinion it ranks a well-deserved place in the higher educational institution system of the Russian Federation, because it provides high quality of education. The educational level is rather high and all the teachers are good and qualified specialists as well. I get a lot of new and interesting information on lectures. The students’ community is friendly and the relationship between the students is warm and kind. Thank you very much for advising me to enter this institute. Special thanks to the teaching stuff and Dean of IGUMO's Law Department.

Elmira Kanglieva (first-year student of Management Department)

— At last, the first terms has passed. The first tests are on the way, and the exams will start in the near future. All those things make student life be filled with many impressions.

While most students leave their classes with very happy faces, some others go to their homes heavily and tiredly after the classes. Even the students that have just entered the Institute have their own opinion about it as well as about their future specialties.

The lectures are so interesting that the students are missing a final ring meaning the end of the classes (compare with high schools wh ere it seems that the six lessons would never finish). All teachers are professionals in a full sense of the word. Sometimes it seems to me that they are crazy about their work!

Especially I liked Alexander Yu. Bushuev, mathematical analysis and algebra teacher. His studying method is unusual and non-standard. He may turn the students onto the subject. I wish all other students had such a teacher! We are very happy that we have become the students of the Management Department of the Institute.

The management of the Ads and PR Department thanks all the students for sharing their impressions related to students life, and wish them good luck in their future exams! We believe in you!

Special thanks to Kseniya Korneychuk, first-year student, for the prepared materials. If you have any stories to tell about or wish to share your impressions, do not hesitate and join us. Welcome to our favorite Dean's Office of the Advertisement and PR Department.




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