Fruitful Holidays in IGUMO


As soon as the winter exams in IGUMO were over, everyone returned back to their regular work again. There appeared new ideas which required serious discussion.

Real aeropaus took place at M.V.Volynkina's (Prof.) office last week. Discussing the urgent problems were the following IGUMO officials and professors: K.A.Magomedov, Deputy Rector for Academic Projects, E.V.Dmitriev, Deputy Rector for Science, G.N.Gumovskaya, Deputy Rector for International Projects, M.I.Mogachev, Academic Secretary, Y.M.Antonyan, Deputy Rector for Research, S.Y.Razin, Head of the Educational Work Department.

While our students were summoning up fresh energy, the officials were assigning the essential tasks for the upcoming academic term. The enumeration of the tasks is impressive and it includes new scientific events and new steps towards international cooperation.

To be more precise, the list of most noticeable events includes the following items:

In April 2012, there will be held a students' conference at the Institute for the Humanities and IT entitled «Stolypin's Reforms in the Context of Domestic and World History“. The personality of A.P.Stolypin is interesting to the representatives of all IGUMO Departments, because he was not simply an eminent politician, but also a gifted industrial manager, tactician, reformer and a true citizen of his Motherland. That's why each IGUMO Department has its own segment of investigation in the sphere of Stolypin's activities. For instance, the Department of Law will make an examination of the agrarian problem; the Department of Journalism will recreate the atmosphere of the society and the general mood of that period using the printed media of Stolypin's epoch; the Department of Economics will determine the effectiveness of grain's export and import and finally the Department of Psychology will try to describe Stolypin's psychological portrait.

Every human-being is many-sided. P.A.Stolypin's role in the history of Russia requires serious conceptualization and the organizers expect that it will be appreciated by all the participants, who will discover the new sides which still remain in the shadow. The students of IGUMO have proved to solve the most complicated tasks many times.

The exchange of research potential might strengthen the erudition of IGUMO' students, since IGUMO’ mission “ ultimate responsibility in education» presupposes training of highly educated and skilled students.

Besides, according to the plans of the GUMO officials, there will be organized round tables to discuss various subjects with the representatives of all IGUMO Departments during the upcoming term. The subjects for discussions are still being reviewed and specified but we can already say that they will be definitely interesting and informative.

During the meeting there was also considered a possibility to carry out a contract with a Lithuanian institution of higher education which expressed their readiness to cooperate with IGUMO. The contract might give the green light to another unique educational programme. The ratification of the contract will provide the IGUMO' students with taking a course in this European country for a term.

Some current negotiations are being carried out with our American and Finnish colleagues on the subject of experience sharing and a number of business meetings are being planned.

That very hours-long meeting was not exhausting – on the contrary, the participants were satisfied with its results. The students shall be able to attend and take part in the predesigned events very soon.

The Institute for the Humanities and IT: Ultimate Responsibility in Education