By Name, by Patronymic, but as a Matter of Fact, with the Love of Father

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In the 70s of the past century Vladimir Vysotsky praised the time when people on weekdays and on holydays gathered together sharing their joy. At IGUMO they do it nowadays: the unity of departments and faculties is so close that on weekdays and on holydays they are all together. And every corporative holiday is always a reason for presents and a good surprise.

Just it was the case on Tuesday, June 26, 2012 when the staff of IGUMO gathered to name and to celebrate their best teachers, heads of the Departments, institute staff and leading Departments. Such a ceremony annually takes place at IGUMO during the last 7 years. After all, it is of great difficulty to choose the best specialists, because the teaching staff is represented by highly qualified teachers and scientists, the deans are clocklike co-operated, the professorial chairs provide an effective educational process and the working staff totally give themselves to the common cause.

This year the Institute for the Humanities and IT celebrated its 20th Anniversary. The jubilee was the reason for great celebration.

The ceremony started with the list of the best teachers of IGUMO. Among those who day by day in 2012 teach, train and bring up students were 25 people.

And for each of them M.Volynkina, Rector of IGUMO got hearty words (by the way, those who saw the rector for the first time were greatly surprised that she knows her staff very well, appreciates their merits and remembers some facts of their biography).

The Year of Jubilee the IGUMO management has increased the quantity of all nominations: so proclaimed were the best deans: Natalia Konstantinovna Telyakevich, Prof., Dean of the Drama Department; O.Kondratenko, Associate Professor, Dean of the Law Department; I.Farkhatova, Professor, Dean of the Journalism and Foreign Languages Departments; E.Yurasova, Professor, Dean of the Psychology Department.

As it turned out the rewarding of the best deans was closely connected to the rewarding of the departments.

The Law Department (the eldest of IGUMO being true to the traditions of the institute and the idea of ultimate responsibility in education – the 1st place) headed the three leaders.

The Journalism and Foreign languages Departments got the 2-nd position for a strong unity of the humanitarian departments, stability in achievements, academism and creative spirituality.

The Psychology Department occupied the 3-d position in the contest for the creation of atmosphere of spiritual comfort, stability in achievements and harmony in ideas.

The following people were rewarded among the heads of professorial chairs: Professor R. Kozlova (the Russian Language and Russian Literature Chair, the Journalism Department) for the best methodical providing; Professor S. Grishayev (the Chair of Civil-law Disciplines, the Law Department) for the progress in research activity; Professor E.Yakovenko (Romano-Germanic Philology Chair, the Foreign Languages Department) for the best staffing.

Four deputy deans received the award for their faultless business qualities, diligence and devotion to IGUMO: A. Carpenter (the Law Department), V.Golovchansky (the Psychology Department), L.Orekhova (the Foreign Languages Department), T. Serina (the Journalism Department).

The presenting of the jubilee medals «IGUMO Hero of Labour» for long-term and honest work for the benefit of our Alma Mater became a significant event. The medals were especially made for the jubilee date. 42 people of the faculty and stuff of the institute got those medals of honour.

The atmosphere of the Ceremony demonstrated the unity of all those present.