A Magic Trip or a Report of "The Beatles" Old Fan

As you know the calls to and fr om the classes at our Institute are musical. But when the author of these lines heard the song «Yesterday» in the late afternoon on February, 14th, he thought with pleasure that it was high time for him to go to a new concert by Sir Paul McCartney in Russia at the «Olympiyskiy» concert hall. What was he to do!? On the one hand, old love never rusts, on the other hand, «no fool like an old fool» – and nobody abolished those rules.

When I approached the concert hall my enjoyment decreased a little bit because of my having to wait in line. The police were equal to the occasion: «May I ask you to stay along the wall for the tail of the queue not to wrap?» The people were subject to thorough inspection by the police. That is right, safety is first of all. The guard who had been keeping us for 20 minutes in sector A17 after the concert and gently explained that «it is the dance floor that gets out first» told me that 29,000 tickets for the concert had been sold.

To make a long story short, the concert started an hour and a half later than it was to begin. We spent those hours observing the neighbors. The people were of different ages: the young, the old and the very old. I saw a grey-haired man take two round badges «The Beatles» out of his pocket and pass one to his friend. They pinned them to their jackets and corrected their thin hair. The people were crowding round the tables wh ere there were disks, T-shirts and books. It should be pointed out that we can form our opinion about the young years of the people looking at their elderly faces. It is a feature of generation very likely.

At last we got into the hall but again we had to wait. The huge space of the concert hall filled up with people – those at the dance-floor were the quickest, at the VIP-zone – the slowest.

And finally those amazing two and a half hours started. The concert began like a magical journey with the title song «Magical Mystery Tour» that immediately set the general tone of the atmosphere of the 1960s.

Sir Paul's appearance on the stage is always an event. Everyone knows that will be equal to the occasion; everyone knows that he is never lazy to learn some greetings and phrases in the language of the country he performs at. But no one knows exactly how it will be.

— Take roots, guys! How are you?

The hall certainly exploded. By the way, I remembered that in 2003 during his first concert in Russia on the Red Square he used other words: «Take roots, fellows!» and everyone was very happy, too. But «the guys» is the address from the 60s and from the 70s. Had somebody suggested it? Or did he himself guess to ask?

Soon it was clear that my sevenfold navy binocular was of no use because we could see everything that was happening on the stage in the huge screen.

His familiar silhouette, fast-confident moving, his face that always seemed to me a little bit sad and mocking. The Artist! I go into raptures over his manner to ruffle his hair and to plug his ears making everybody believe that he was dismayed by his «gang’s» music (his present European tour is called «One the Run»; it comes from his record «Band on the Run»)! At the concert his amazing drummer and guitarist played up to him surprisingly harmoniously and a little comically. Well, you know that the soldiers are like their commander.

Thank you, Sir Paul, a fresh 69-year-old just married man, who united the three generations and heartily reminds people about the human values and the main one! It is true that «All we need is love»!

M. Nikitin, Head of the Department of Advertising and PR Department.