2010-2011 Academic Year in Review

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On June, 30th, 2011 the Institute for the Humanities and IT held a celebration in honour of the best IGUMO departments, its representatives and teaching staff of the 2010-2011 academic year. This solemn finale is already a good tradition for a long time in IGUMO. In the end of the academic year we do not only summarize everything but we also give a stimulus for further achievements.

We cannot but get a lovely surprise how perfectly ready IGUMO is for global changes. Last year IGUMO received a permanent license for educational activities, created very exclusive lecture halls and auditoria and brought into existence another top-department – the Department of Design.

Several representatives of the IGUMO teaching staff successfully defended their doctoral and candidate's dissertations, and were honoured the Professor titles.

There was organized a large-scale Festival of Knowledge for senior pupils in the Institute for the Humanities and IT. The teaching staff and the students from IGUMO participated in a number of Research to Practice forums, including abroad ones. A lot of metropolitans greatly enjoyed performances of the IGUMO Department of Drama.

A chronicle-movie revived the moments of the academic year in everyone's memory.

Nomination «The Best Lecturer of IGUMO» the winners of which are voted by students for such qualities as interesting practical and theoretical knowledge, an ability to expound the material distinctly and to teach students think themselves had the following prize winners: Yuri Miranovich Antonyan, Alexander Sergeyevich Bordukov, Dmitry Alexandrovich Ivanov, Yelena Olegovna Bagrova, Natalia Gavrilovna Shved, Yelena Yurievna Klimova, Lyubov Viktorovna Vanshina, Galina Nikolaevna Gumovskaya, Oksana Olegovna Kurenya, Olga Dmitriyevna Bganko, Rufina Mihailovna Kozlova, Marina Mihailovna Egorova, Yelena Yevgenievna Budalina, Yelena Anatolievna Kirsh, Galina Filipovna Ruchkina, Vyacheslav Nikolayevich Zavorotylo, Vladimir Andreyevich Kutyrkin, Alexander Yurievich Bushuev, Alexey Vladimirovich Ermakov, Roman Alexandrovich Piskunov.

For the good performance during the 2010-2011 academic year, the Criminal Academic Disciplines Chair headed by Professor Eduard Filippovich Pobegailo earned the first-place award. Second place was earned by the IGUMO academic department chair «Romano-Germanic Philology» headed by |Professor Yekaterina BorisovnaYakovenko for the efficiency in organizing the educational process. And the third place was earned by the IGUMO Pedagogy and Language Teaching Methods Chair led by Candidate of Psychology, Associate Professor Maria Vladimirovna Borisova.

For the excellent organizational activities the following assistant deans got special mention – Viktoria Vasilievna Golovchanskaya (the Department of Psychology), Yelena Vladimirovna Matveyeva (the Department of Advertising and PR), Galina Alexandrovna Furdei (the Economics Department), Lyudmila Vladimirovna Orekhova (the Department of Foreign Languages) and Angelika Valerievna Karpenter (the Department of Law).

The Office for Education and Methodics led by T.L.Dyment was declared the best IGUMO Office of the 2010-2011 academic year.

The following IGUMO employees were conferred the title «The Best IGUMO Employee of 2010-2011» – Lyudmila Borisovna Hodykina, Head of the IGUMO Office for Informational Politics, leading software engineer Anton Vladimirovich Zazuk, the chief of the corporate office Vladimir Alexeyevich Chufarov, Evgenia Semenovna Volkova, Lyubov Ivanovna Vashenko, Yulia Vladimirovna Maximova, Valeriy Yurievich Malofeev.

The IGUMO Department of Economics and the IGUMO Department of Advertising and PR, led by Yelena Vladimirovna Rybokene won «The Best Department of 2010-2011» award. The IGUMO Department of Journalism and the Department of Foreign Languages led by Inga Farkhatovna Farkhatova earned the second place, and the IGUMO Department of Drama led by Natlia Konstantinovna Teliakevich was declared the third best one.

However, not only the Deans of the prize winning departments are able to keep the high level of their departments in IGUMO. Yelena Nikolaevna Yurasova, the Dean of the IGUMO Department of Psychology got a special mention. Marina Vladimirovna Volynkina had endearing words for everyone, but she also stated that the Department of Psychology is the natural leader and as a matter of fact it had a lot to contribute in the activity of IGUMO. For instance, the special trainings of unity in the beginning of the academic year, job orientation tests, psychological trainings for the students of all IGUMO departments, expert appraisal in taking decisions – that is what the specialists of the Department of Psychology do as their routine work.

Alexey Nikolayevich Glushko, Doctor in Psychology, received individual congratulations on the decision taken by Higher Attestation Comission to give him the title of Professor for services in science and education.