We Have Chosen IGUMO!


We Have Chosen IGUMO!


In November, 2011 the Institute for the Humanities and IT held advanced training courses for the school teachers from EAA of Moscow organized by IGUMO Departments of Journalism and Psychology. The courses were free of charge and it was not a populism move. First of all, the IGUMO teaching staff has got a lot to share with the teachers. Secondly, IGUMO is sincerely looking forward to potential entrants, thus we care about the level of the teachers’ knowledge. And finally we are on friendly terms and cooperate with Moscow schools and we share our interests and take a liking to the Moscow teachers.

The feedback and thank-you letters we received prove it. The words of sincere gratitude to the organizers of the coursers were so pleasant that we decided to post it on our website.

The Russian language advanced teaching methods programme which was related to a new method of teaching the Russian language and literature in schools won a high appraisal.

Here is an extract from a letter to M.V.Volynkina, IGUMO rector:

«We, the teachers of the Russian language and literature, would like to thank you for the methods and the means we had a chance to see during the courses.

The IGUMO teaching staff are high level professionals – they are smart, courteous, charming and capable of teaching not only their students, but also us, the teachers.

Not to mention that they are familiar with such subjects as history, psychology and art, apart from being masters of their professional subjects.

We were so carried away with their interesting lectures that we forgot about any fatigue and actually did not want to have the intervals between the classes.

We could not but notice that the teaching staff from your institute treats the students with love and respect, and so do the youth!

But unfortunately all things come to an end and our courses were over. The experience and knowledge which we received from the IGUMO teaching staff will be of great use in our professional activities…»

Another thank-you letter signed by many people is as follows:

«Dear IGUMO staff!

We, the attendees of the Russian language advanced teaching methods courses had great pleasure to communicate with the smart and talented professionals.

The means and methods demonstrated during the courses will definitely prove useful to us in our activities.

We would love to attend meetings and conferences and would appreciate if you organize such courses next year.»

Here is what Liliya Vladimirovna Kulyashova said on behalf of the attendees of the advanced training courses titled «Urgent Problems in the Russian Language and Literature Study at Schools»:

«The attendees of the advanced training courses would like to express their thanks to Farkhatova Inga Farkhatovna, Dean of the Department of Journalism and the Department of Foreign Languages, Ph.D (Philology), Professor; to Kozlova Rufina Mikhailovna, head of the academic department chair for the Russian language and literature, Ph.D (Philology); to Serina Tatiana Vladimirovna, vice dean of the IGUMO Journalism Department; to Yegorova Marina Mikhailovna, Ph.D (Pedagogics) for their responsibility to the school teachers' refresher courses and their perfect professional knowledge.

We are truly charmed by your high professionalism and your ability to conduct such audience as school teachers, not to mention your ability to fill the fatigue teachers' hearts with love of literature and the Russian language.

Your fascinating scientific lectures illustrated with a great number of examples from Russian literature and the Russian language and art will definitely be of much use in our professional activities.

You won our hearts with your professional knowledge, your power of speaking, with the way you work with the audience, not to mention your personal charisma, artistry and high culture.

You are excellent specialists and great people, who helped us to discover a number of professional secrets.

We thank you a lot and wish you initiative success, prospering of your talents and of course, sound health!

P.S. We addressed our request to the teaching methods specialists to hold all the further courses only in IGUMO. All the attendees have got great experience of taking the refresher courses, thus we have a lot to choose from and we have chosen IGUMO!»


The advanced training course for school psychologists within the framework of the IGUMO Psychology Department finished at the same time. In spite of the fact that the specialists who attended the courses have huge professional experience they highly appreciated the courses entitled «Psycho-correctional Work with Teenagers».

The classes were multi-aspect and were of great professional value. A.N.Glushko, Ph.D (Psychology), Prof., Honoured Doctor of Russia who has a big professional experience in the sphere of disaster medicine told the audience about the methods of stress easing and regulation of emotional condition. E.N.Yurasova, Ph.D (Psychology), Prof., and Y.L.Sorokina, Ph.D (Psychology) demonstrated peculiar techniques which they themselves use in their professional activities. M.V.Borisova, senior teacher of the Department of Psychology told the attendees about the practical application of burnout data which is the object of her investigation. All these things were explained and showed in the light of teenagers’ psychic setup.

Here are the words of gratitude to the teaching staff of the Institute for the Humanities and IT:

«Thank you very much! The courses were very useful to me. And, of course, I will use the knowledge I got in my job»

«The information we received is undoubtedly valuable, it makes one think some things over and then use them in one’s practice»

«I got both benefit and pleasure from the courses – IGUMO is truly 'rich' with qualified staff members»

«I would love to continue my study in the sphere of cognitive psychotherapy because it is taught on a high level in IGUMO»

And we thank all of you for your feedback, the recognition of the teaching staff’ nice service makes us sure to continue the collaboration with your institutions in 2012!




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