In the Spirit of World Congress

On 16 October, 2011, an International conference devoted to the educational innovations finished its work at the Institutes for the Humanities and IT. The notable scientists and the IGUMO's students making their initial paces on the way to Big Science deeply investigated the cultural heritage of our country in order to apply it to real life. Staring from this informational message the official language of reports is «canceled» because the IGUMO conference has become a discovery and a shock that made an overwhelming impression even on the famous scientists who participated in various large-scale forums, and has placed itself in the brains and hearts of all participants thereof.

Many scientists not only from IGUMO Foreign Languages Department took part in the plenary meeting «Systematic linguistics studies: traditions and modern world». The following persons addressed the participants, namely: Thomas Santos, Head of the English Department of the US Embassy in Moscow; Tony Hall, senior officer of the English Department of the US Embassy in Moscow; Christine Dankum, Deputy Director of the British Council Office in Moscow; Steven Laperouse, philosopher, philologist and editor of the English Magazine of the «1st September» publishing house.

A distinguishing feature of the meeting was that is was held totally in English without any assistance of simultaneous interpreters. The artistic abilities of the foreign guests together with the interesting information produced an indelible impression on all participants of the forum.

The conference commenced with discussions at the round tables, which were arranged by the IGUMO Legal, Journalism, Theatre Arts and Psychology Departments. Each round table showed such a powerful potential that a status of mini — conference could be designated to these meetings.

«The Teacher, Let me humbly kneeled down before you» - said Professor E. Pobegailo, famous scientist, distinguished scholar, doctor of law and bent his knee while finishing his speech. There was great sense in such a pose.

Famous scientists and young researchers not only discussed the topic «The influence of great men of law on legal culture development in modern Russia», but paid tribute to their priceless contribution to science. Both deferential tone and high pathos were quite natural there. That’s why when professor E. Pobegailo kneeled down before his Teachers the audience did the same in their minds. Professor J. M.Antonjan, a profound scholar in the world science union admitted that he had never participated in such a scientific forum, where science and spirituality were so close to each other – so strong was the unity of the audience.

The students of the law department echoed doings and sayings of their teachers and professors. They prepared brilliant reports about jurisconsults; criminologists and state officials which made their contribution to the legal science development. Their reports sounded like a song.

Literature is a Mirror of Society Development History

«The role of the Golden Age literary heritage in forming the world outlook of modern epoch» was a topic discussed at the round table where the representatives of both the Journalism and Theatre Arts Departments met. The fact that the meeting was held in a creative and cultural atmosphere of the IGUMO training theatrical hall, positively affected the serious discussions related to the influence of literature on social life. The global geopolitical map divided the world community into countries with different kinds of religions but it has a unique unquestionable common feature, i.e. cultural heritage. This opinion was voiced by People's actor of Russia V. B. Korenev – art director of IGUMO Theatre Arts Department. He also noticed that literature had always been more truthful than history which had often been freely rewritten.

The resolution taken by the scholars of the Psychology Department is a new topic to be discussed by the IGUMO Academic Council.

Only the masters of the IGUMO Psychology Department participated in the round table discussion. The topic of the meeting was «Psychological education within the frameworks of new Educational Standards». This topic shall be the subject to professional discussions. The work covered the interactive scientific research and wasn't limited to the modern GOSTs in the field of education. How should one encourage the students' interest to professional competence which exists in parallel with qualifying requirements? The dean of the Psychology Department moderated the discussions at the round table. She responded immediately to any innovative proposals and led the conversations to the appropriate direction. The resolution taken and the essence of the discussions turned out to be so powerful that the IGOMO administration proposed to put it on the agenda of the next academic council conference to be held on December, 27, 2011.

Do Banking Services Represent a Certain Style of Life?

The seminar arranged by the IGUMO Economics and Management Departments, focused on the specific features of modern banking services market. Being first of all the mediators in payment and credit transactions, banks ensure internal accumulation of funds to develop national economy. Future economists and managers analyzed the banks' marketing policy influence on the formation of depositary and lending rates and a possible usage of the banking credits by organizations for their business activities expansion.

Advertisement for intellectual education of the generation

The IGUMO Advertisement and PR Department will hold a round table discussion as a part of the conference on the topic «The Role of Ads and PR in Changing Cultural Traditions: Educational Experience». Advertisement isn't just an illustration, a competently and skillfully compiled text; good advertisement is like a piece of art, it should be esthetic and educationally-informative. Influencing human perception it must not deform it for the sake of getting any profit. Quite on the contrary, any advertised mass-consumption product should use in its context the best achievements of human ideas. That was a brief review of the scientific discussions related to the International conference covering a high-profile representation and global-aimed challenges which stimulated the innovative development of the Institute for the Humanities and IT. The more detailed reports on the matters considered at the round tables and by the target group sections will be placed on the news boards of the appropriate departments which became the active participants of the forum that looked like a World Congress in many aspects.