Creative Events at the Festival of Knowledge dated 15th of October, 2011


Creative Events at the Festival of Knowledge dated 15th of October, 2011

Vocational Guidance Test

“  ,   …» –

There are a lot of different events regularly held at our Institute aimed to help senior-pupils in the sphere of vocational guidance. For instance within the framework of the latest Festival of Knowledge the IGUMO Department of Psychology carried out two vocational guidance tests for senior-pupils – traditional (which was meant to find out professional interests and skills of pupils) and interactive, which was meant to discover one's vocation for being a psychologist.

During the traditional test the pupils answered a number of questions to have the results of it sent to their emails. This kind of collaboration attracts both pupils and teachers who visit our Institute.

Drawing is a Mirror of Your Soul: Art Therapy

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The pupils who were our guests at the Festival of Knowledge had a chance to gain an unusual experience thanks to the «Drawing is a mirror of your soul» training organized within the framework of the IGUMO Festival of Knowledge. Led by I.V.Borscheva, a senior teacher of IGUMO academic department of clinical psychology, practicing art-therapeutist the senior-pupils were drawing an animal they considered the closest to them for an hour and a half.

Our nature and its connection with the surroundings become apparent in the image of an animal. For instance, it is known that shamans do work with the spirits of animals and there is also such a thing as a cult of totem animals which is still highly developed even at present day. We may also observe the symbols of animals in heraldry and securities. According to C.Jung an animal personifies an inhuman soul, the bottom of one's state of mind and subconscious instincts.

At the first stage of the training the participants recalled what shamans and totem animals were. Then there was a 10 minute visual meditation to welcome personal animals. After that the participants set their make ups in order to get the likeness with cats or simply painted so called paw-prints left by an animal on the arm. Everyone was excited and ready for discoveries.

However, the plasticity of an animal had to be added to the likeness due to drapery.

Each of the participants could meet his totem animal and talk to it, ask it different question and find out what qualities the animal may share with its owner and why. Then each participant drew a message to themselves on behalf of the totem animal before abandoning the image.

In the issue, many discovered something important to themselves. Some realized how to act, some found their true priorities and some could even answer a very important question – what do they exist for? It is indeed important for pupils because at this age they are at a very serious stage of their lives.

In the end, none of the participants left without a message from their very own totem, which as a centuries-old wisdom claims is endowed with a tremendous vitality.

Training for the Development of Communicative Skills

Within the framework of the IGUMO Department of Psychology there was organized a training for the development of communicative skills during the latest Festival of Knowledge at IGUMO by our students Alexandra Glebova and Tatiana Leychuk lead by Julia Lvovna Sorokina, Candidate of Psychology.

Overall 18 both pupils and students of IGUMO participated in the training which was aimed at investigating verbal and nonverbal aspects of communication. The first step was an introduction to getting acquainted with each other and then getting to know each other working in pairs. According to the participants that was very pleasant and full of joyful emotions since a very friendly atmosphere was created and nobody was missing out. Then there came time for exercises in the form of games. The participants tried to communicate only with the help of gestures and mimics establishing mutual understanding and they were able to find out and demonstrate that even without words a lot of information may be shared.

The positive atmosphere allowed our guests feel comfortable and chilled during the whole training. While sharing their impressions with us, the participants mentioned that they loved the way the training was and the opportunity to get closely acquainted with so many different people in such a short time.

Photos at the Social Networks: Friendship, Ethics and Law

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October, 15, 2011 at the Institute for the Humanities and IT the Department of Law held a master-class in the network of the Festival of Knowledge. The issue on the agenda was the citizen’s image protection: «Photos at the Social Networks: Friendship, Ethics and Law».

This master-class was conducted by the Staff of the Department of Law led by Marina Volynkina, Rector, Ph.D. (Law), Head of the Chair of Civil Law; Olesya Kondratenko, Ph.D. (Law), Dean of the Department of Law; Ekaterina Shvachko and Evgeny Leshchenko, post-graduate students who represented the team of professionals.

At the present time the social networks are part of our everyday life. There are always such questions as: What can we upload at the social networks? Is it legal to upload the photos or not? And if it is not legal what are the punitive sanctions?

Thanks to our master-class the pupils found out the answers for the following questions:

  • In what cases is it required to obtain the consent of a citizen to use his image?
  • Where are the boundaries between the public and the private lives of the citizen?
  • What is «a citizen’s image»? Is it possible to take a photo of an animal?
  • What is «the publication» and «the use of a citizen’s image»?
  • What is the legal form of the consent to the use of a citizen’s image?
  • How can we obtain the consent of a citizen to the use of his image after his death?
  • What should you do in the case of the publication of your own photos from the concert, conference or competition? Is it lawful or not to publish such photos?

In a friendly atmosphere Marina Volynkina asked the pupils tricky questions to arouse their interest to the issue discussed. The questions seemed to be simple; but the children had to do with the theory and practice of the Civil Law. Correcting the pupils’ answers, the young scholars of the Institute showed the significance of each word in the norms of the Civil Law by real-life examples.

According to the results of the master-class we can state that each participant knows precisely when it is required to obtain the consent of the citizen to make a photo of him; what «the contracting bargains» are; when it is required to obtain the consent to publication of the citizen’s image and its use after his death.

The most active participants got their gifts!

The Dean Office of the Department of Law has already prepared new topics for the future master-classes!

The IGUMO Department of Law is your real family and a friendly team! Almost everyone who has once been to IGUMO wants to come back to stay!

There are no reasons for boredom at IGUMO!

Business Game «Translation Office»

  « »

The youngest participants of the Festival of Knowledge who wanted to test their strength at the Subject Olympiads were also attracted by the business game «Translation Office». Desires to better know the work of a translator arouse interest to this creative event. At the business game the children played the roles of translators from English into Russian. Having familiarized with the newest dictionaries and got their tasks the pupils started to analyze the texts and to choose the most appropriate translation techniques and strategies. The translation of the separate words wasn’t a difficult task but the preservation of the functional styles was very complicated.

The great intellect of the talented pupils, good knowledge of their native language and the compliance with the translation strategies and norms led the pupils to their success: the 5 works of 15 maintain the standard of the professional translation of the elementary level. The winners of this competition are: Sofiya Strukova – 90% of the translation quality (the school 783), V. Nemychnikova (the school 381), E. Buteev (the school 1495), R. Shekhich (the school 381), K. Zorkina (the school 1925) — 80% of the translation quality.

Master-Class in Fine-Arts


October, 22 at the Festival of Knowledge the doors of the IGUMO Art Studio were opened to everyone who wanted to touch the beauty of the art. Every guest got an opportunity to become a student of the Department of Design for a while. The pupils made the tasks in drawing and painting: the still life of three objects.

  • How to group the objects on the sheet?
  • How to precisely transform the sketch on a sheet?
  • How to build the form?
  • How to deal with the continuous-tone decision?
  • What is «the reflex» and how to transform it correctly?

Mariya Afanasyeva, Head of the Chair of Fine Arts, answered all these questions.

During these two hours the participants of the Festival of Knowledge made creative works which they could use for the Art Competition to enter the IGUMO Department of Design.

Dear guests of the Festival of Knowledge, the Department of Design is waiting for you!

Interactive game «Three men in a boat after 120 years» devoted to J. K. Jerome
In a boat – along the river Thames

 ,   .. , «    120 »

It was cloudy when three English gentlemen with their funny dog, Montmorency, went boating to make a healthy trip. It’s already 120 years since the time the readers from all over the world have been enjoying the thrill of the plot, humor and positive irony of Jerome K. Jerome’s great book.

15 October 2011 while the Knowledge Festival was taking place, IGUMO IT invited senior pupils of the Moscow schools to take part in the interactive game «Three men in a boat after 120 years».

The IGUMO’s students acquainted the pupils with some interesting facts of the writer’s biography and with the creation history of his most famous book.

There were represented the episodes of the characters’ adventures which the pupils were laughing at. They were laughing at the attempts of uncle Podger to hang a picture and at Harris’ singing.

But in a few minutes the pupils were to be the real characters of J. K. Jerome’s book. They were to search for the toothbrushes in the thoroughly packed bags for trip and they were to scrape the potatoes in field conditions.

As a result, the participants coped with the trials as successfully as with the questions of the quiz.

J.K. Jerome himself would have been pleased with those vivid emotions, which were due to his fascinating book.

Talk show «Fashion attacks»
«If the stars inflame…»

- « »

One of the most impressive events of The Knowledge Festival was talk show «If the stars inflame» from the series «Fashion attacks», which took place on the 15th of October, 2011 at IGUMO. The 4th year students of The Journalism Department were in charge of that.

The hosts and the presenters of the talk show brought up the subject about commercialization of the show business. They were talking about the problem why it is not enough to be talented in order to be famous. You need to be promoted and, therefore, you are to invest money; what is the main purpose of the film stars and variety performers exposing their private lives to the yellow press; why in the middle of the 20th century the singers and the artists of our country didn’t need to be promoted? And at last the main question to be answered what was the role of Mass Media in the lives of celebrities.

The topic arouse great interest of all those present. The discussion was accompanied by vivid video files. Certainly, we are sure to consider the discussion interesting and up-to-date, as for lots of people, artificially promoted names, shine as guiding stars, but be care of the ultimate aim. We hope that the discussion that took place at the Journalist Department will be helpful for the senior pupils and for the participants of the talk show to discriminate true talent from the hype.

But it was not the end – on October, 20, 2011 at the Journalist Department a second talk show of the series «Fashion attacks“ will take place.

Am I a psychologist?

“ – ?»

A testing called «Am I a Psychologist?» awoke interest in 60 people, taking part in it. The participants filled in the forms and then they found out the results with the help of the psychologists.

Not only did our students like such kind of interaction, sharing their knowledge and skills, but also the senior guest-pupils who took part in that psychological research.

Economic game «Money likes to be counted»

  «  »

It’s up to date, isn’t it? They are the students of the department of Economics who know that.

Money was made at the dawn of civilization. At different times and in different countries the equivalent of the value of goods was different. The devaluation and revaluation of the values was determined by seasonal prevalence, natural cataclysms, intertribal fights and women’s fertility. Horns and skins, cocoa beans and shells needed an equivalent system of calculation. And this system has a long way of its development as well…

The attitude to money was never definite. The society should be to blame for it – the poor will not understand the rich. But wealth will come with time. If you don’t waste your time on hating the rich and show your abilities then you will earn your first capital at a very young age. There are a lot of examples. The most important is to know where to begin.

During the Festival of Knowledge D. S. Zaharova, head of department of the Department of Accounting taught a master class on the subject «Money likes to be counted». Besides the historical facts the future school-leavers knew how to keep account of their household expenses and what the secrets of saving money are.

The guests of the Festival of Knowledge were suggested doing a crossword. The pupil of 10th form Georgy Sarkisyan turned out to be the most erudite student. The most active participants of the discussion also were Anna Kotova, Aleksey Kurilov, Nikita Rtishchev, Nikita Kozheyrov, Georgy Geguchadze, Anastacia Zadubrovskaya, Kirill Shkurov, Christina Gevorkyan, Anna Novikova, Maksim Beloysov. All these guys were awarded «Certificates of Participation» and souvenirs.

So the main rule of saving and increasing money formulated Benjamin Franklin: «If you know how to spend less than you get, you have the philosopher's stone.» Butdon’tturnintoPlushkin…

Master class in design «Materialzation: Creative view on designing things»

-   «:     »

The master class held by the director for creative leadership of the Department of Design in IGUMO, the director of designer art studio «Unique Design» Martin Simutis made the participants of the Festival of Knowledge feel the role of design in everyday life as well as in business areas.

So what is design? What kind of role does it have? As the society is developing the social needs which were enriched move from the bottom of Maslow's hierarchy of needs (safety, food, water, sleep) to the top – self-actualization and self-esteem. People long for the beautiful that’s why we should live and create following the laws of beauty.

While working out the theme Martin Simutis, a practicing designer who graduated from the University of Ireland relied on the feedback of the audience. Each of those who attended this master class could become a real creator even though temporary. The Department of Design guaranteed that.

dvertising from A to PR


An Unknown to the Science Animal Was Discovered on the Creative Space of IGUMO


During the Festival of Knowledge which was held in IGUMO & IT on October, 15 2011 the team of the Department of Sociology and PR taught master classes: «The Skill of Advertising: How it’s Being Done», «The Mother Tongue of Advertising» and «The PiRates Arrived!» (Under the guidance of the head of the Department of PR M.I. Nikitin).

Our guests filled the advertising studio. During the presentations the senior pupils were taught how an advertising product is produced, how copywriters use their skills in making brand names and writing advertising texts, how PR-projects which aimed at solving social problems are realized, for example the problem of communication between children and their parents.

The participants of these master classes with confidence answered the different questions related to the history of the brands, art and literature, brand names and other pieces of wisdom.

An unknown to the science animal that was discovered and tamed during the master classes was called Verbovisual. Now this noble animal that is being successfully trained at the Department of Sociology and PR adorns the coat of arms of The Creative Kingdom. As (tyani-tolkay), a character of the popular fairy-tale for children, it has two heads. One of them manages verbal creativity and the other one manages visual creativity connected with images.

Computer Quest «Could I become a successful manager?»

  «     »

At the Festival of Knowledge that happened at IGUMO on October, 15, 2011 secondary school students of Moscow and Moscow regions took a computer test that was specially prepared for them by the faculty of management. A small stroke: the ideas of the Dean of the faculty, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor I. S. Aglitsky were realized in software by A. Pankov, a 4th-year-student of the IGUMO Faculty of Information Technologies. In fact, the school students played the well-known television game «How to become a Millionaire?»

Only 70 school students, 2 teachers and even a mother took part in the test. One has to admit that more than half of all the guest-students fitted into standard. The main difficulties arouse with terminology – many of them did not know such terms as «demonation», «banknote» and so on. Almost all the guest-students were at a loss with the questions connected with the activities of such international organizations as the European Union and the BRIK.

In spite of certain difficulties the students fully appreciated that form of knowledge and erudition monitoring.

And now attention, please! Those who could not pass the test on the 15th of October are given an opportunity to do it self dependently in the open site «» where it is placed as a test for intending managers.

Relaxation and the Mood Regulation Office: the three Stress Relief Treatments


For the Festival of Knowledge that happened at IGUMO on October, 15, 2011 the faculty of Psychology had prepared a new program of events that were designed to acquaint schoolstudents with the peculiarities of the profession of psychologist. Head of the Department of Clinical Psychology, Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor Alexey Nickolaevich Glushko demonstrated the guests of the institute his program of emotional tension and stress relief correction. The school students being the participants of the program experienced the process of removing their emotional tension.

Meditative visualization techniques were also used. The images suggested to be performed were special for different groups: «travelling by boat in the sea», «building a house», «flights over a mountain peak». The exercises of passive and active muscle relaxation helped to consolidate the acquired skills of self-control. At the end of the classes Professor A. N. Glushlo asked the guests about their general state and avaluated the degree of their relaxation. The schoo students’ answers demonstrated a significant decrease of alarm indexes, fear, mental and muscular tension.

Judging by the impressions that the guest-students shared, the program seemed to be interesting and they liked it. All of them acquired acute emotional stress removal skills; emotional stress is unfortunately not rare nowadays.

The Performance «Nocturne for a Typewriter»

 «   »

Plastic performances of the faculty of Drama in IGUMO have already been appraised by our audience. An unusual suppleness almost «gutta percha» of the students of the institute – of the future professional artists of theatre and cinema – as well as their rare «jumping», virtuosity in dramatic battles really deserve admiration. But all that is a result of their colossal work. They are taught such tricks and techniques at the institute «following the requirements of the genre».

Plastic performances are not merely an opportunity to demonstrate the astonished audience body fitness. Without any «spirit» even «the most daring» movements are just a bunch of tricks. But in the heart of a performance lies a plot. The author’s idea as it is customary in theatre is revealed during a production through the dramatic images acting in accordance with the plot. They are the carriers the semantic load. To create an individual image endowed with touching and funny features, to make it to be convicting and even collective in something is not an easy task.

The students of the institute managed to do it. The life of an ordinary office with its enduring traditions and constant affairs, huge ambitions and small women’s secrets appeared before the audience as in real life. But it was funny, although some reprises made us think what we fill our life with?

The idea and the plot of the performance belong to D. A. Ivanov, lecturer of the Department of Drama, master of stage movement. D. A. Ivanov is a professional stunt man, the founder of the recognized fencing school in IGUMO.




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